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Smell fragrance beside Pond of Lotus

( ) 2015-07-28

Smell fragrance beside Pond of Lotus

Lotus Photography Techniques

1. Coordination of flowers and leaves. In a lotus pond, some lotuses may stand high above the green leaves, and some may hide under the leaves. Because it is impossible to take photos of them in short distance and to manually adjust their positions, you have to choose what you want to capture and adjust shooting angles according to your understanding of natural beauty.

2. Correct exposure. If you take pictures of some larger scenery, you can use the automatic exposure because the luminance of red or pink lotuses and that of green leaves are similar. It is feasible to follow the camera indicator while taking a medium-distance shot. You can also get relatively accurate exposure according the luminance of green leaves. If you shoot a close-up featuring flowers, you can do flower photometry directly through spot metering or center-weighted metering. It is better to expose according to the luminance of the focus in a picture.

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Guyi Garden becomes digital scenic spot

Guyi Garden in Shanghai's Jiading district was recently rated as one of the 21 Shanghai digital scenic spots by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, local media outlets reported on Jan 19.