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New vitality to Jiading auto industry

( ) 2015-09-24

New vitality to Jiading auto industry

Jiading district government of Shanghai signs a Memorandum of Cooperation with Neusoft Group on Sept 22.[Photo/]

Neusoft Group, one of China's IT solutions and services providers, will set up an automobile technology company in Jiading district of Shanghai, according to the Memorandum of Cooperation that it signed with local government on Sept 22.

The company is a joint venture of Neusoft, Alpine Electronics (China), a subsidiary of a Japanese car audio manufacturer, and Shenyang Furuichi Enterprises Management Center. It will have a combined investment of 385 million yuan ($60.4 million).

According to a manager of Neusoft, the company will focus on the R&D of smart technologies for vehicles such as automatic pilot system, new energy vehicle power system and cloud services for Internet-connected cars.

Local officials said that they expect the new venture will help transform and upgrade Jiading's auto industry.

Jiading, where the International Automobile City is located, has already formed a complete auto industrial chain including auto manufacturing, R&D, trade, exhibition and finance. The district aims to upgrade its auto sector by developing new energy and intelligent vehicles.



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