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Jiading Museum holds bamboo carving exhibition

( ) 2015-12-31

Jiading Museum holds bamboo carving exhibition

Authorities of Jiading district, Shanghai announce the opening of a bamboo carving exhibition, Dec 30. [Photo/]

An exhibition on bamboo carving works has opened at Jiading Museum of Shanghai on Dec 30, local media reported. It will run until Feb 16, 2016.

The exhibition was sponsored by the Shanghai History Museum and the Jiading Museum. It aims to celebrate the 100th birthday of Xu Xiaomu, a famous bamboo carving artist.

The organizers said they also want to introduce the bamboo carving, a traditional Chinese folk craft to more people and call on them to help preserve this cultural heritage through such exhibitions.

Jiading Museum holds bamboo carving exhibition

Visitors appreciate bamboo carving works on display at the exhibition in Jiading district of Shanghai, Dec 30. [Photo/]

The show has been displaying more than 40 bamboo carving works. They were created by Xu during the period between 1930s and 1980s, which all manifested Xu's exquisite carving techniques.

Zhang Lan, curator of Shanghai History Museum considered that the works on display were of high cultural value, because they feature traditional Chinese calligraphy and landscape paintings.

Jiading Museum holds bamboo carving exhibition

Bamboo carving works on display at the exhibition at Jiading Museum, Shanghai, Dec 30, 2015 – Feb 16, 2016. [Photo/]

Experts say that Jiading bamboo carving is a gem of Chinese arts and crafts. Due to its exquisite techniques and high cultural value, it was included in the first national catalogue of intangible cultural heritage in 2006.

In order to well preserve this folk craft, local government has taken many measures. For instance, the Jiading Museum has set up a special exhibition area for bamboo carving, added an organizer.



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