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Time to enjoy wintersweet flower in Jiading

( ) 2016-01-12

Time to enjoy wintersweet flower in Jiading

Wintersweet flowers in full blossom at a wintersweet park in Waigang town, Jiading district of Shanghai. [Photo provided to]

Wintersweet flowers are now in full blossom in a wintersweet park in Waigang town, Shanghai's Jiading district. With heavenly fragrances and beautiful charms, these flowers are waiting for visitors, local media reported on Jan 11.

It is a good destination for local cyclists, photographers and travel enthusiasts to enjoy weekends in winter.

A visitor can relax himself by smelling fragrance of the flowers in the wintersweet park.

The park covers an area of 300 mu (20 hectares) and includes a large variety of wintersweet species.

Because of its beautiful scenery when the flowers are in bloom, the park functions as a flower photography source for Yangtze River Delta Tourism Photographic Society.

IF You Go:

2700, North Moyu Road, Waigang town, Jiading district, Shanghai




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