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Jiading gets football training base

( ) 2016-02-26

Jiading gets football training base

Players of the Shanghai SIPG Football Club pose for a group photo after a match. [Photo/]

A youth football training base has been opened recently in Jiading district of Shanghai, local media reported on Feb 23.

With the aim of training more soccer talents, the base was launched together by the Shanghai SIPG Football Club and the Jiading Boo King Football Club. The SIPG FC will send its top players and coaches to teach football skills to Jiading's young players. It will also hold matches in the district, enabling local residents to know the charm of top players and arousing the children's interests in football.

This move is also in accordance with local government's plan to promote its campus football. Jiading now encourages its schools to cooperate with the Boo King FC to develop more young players. So far, the club boasts about 150 teenager players.

The government is also working on a guideline for campus football development. It plans to set up football related courses and urges local schools to hire at least one professional football teacher.

In addition, the government aims to establish more public football venues. It also asked local schools to open their football playgrounds to the public, so as to meet the residents' needs.



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