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Anting holds forum on autonomous driving

( ) 2016-04-01

Anting holds forum on autonomous driving

An auto company leader introduces their progress in autonomous driving technologies at a forum held at the Shanghai International Automobile City, Anting town, Jiading, Shanghai, March 23. [Photo/]

The Shanghai International Automobile City in Anting town, Jiading district hosted an intelligent vehicle forum on advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving trend on March 23, local media reported.

Over 200 business leaders and technologists working on auto manufacturing, auto parts, semiconductor, auto technology and software took part in the two-day forum. They brainstormed on the potential and development direction of unmanned driving and ADAS.

Some auto companies presented their progress in autonomous driving technologies including high-precision maps, millimeter-wave radar, lane keeping assist system, laser ranging system, infrared cameras, stereoscopic vision and wheel encoder.

Officials of the automobile city also said that the city has China's largest smart-connected vehicle pilot zone, which aims to serve as a test and pre-research platform for Chinese and foreign auto and parts manufacturers as well as auto research institutes.

They will do more to advance smart-connected vehicle technologies and their applications, which will help turn Anting into a hub of smart vehicle industry, add the officials.




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