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Nanxiang releases its local chronicles

( ) 2016-07-14

Nanxiang releases its local chronicles

Nanxiang, a town of the Jiading District in Shanghai, releases its local chronicles entitled, Annals of Nanxiang (1988-2011) on July 6. [Photo/]

Nanxiang, a town in the Jiading District of Shanghai, released its chronicles titled, Annals of Nanxiang (1988-2011) on July 6, local media reported.

The book – which details the town's natural political, economic, cultural and social development over the past two decades – highlights the characteristics of Nanxiang's reform. The book has 1.4 million words, took three and a half years to finish and is expected to help explore and protect the town's traditional culture.

Lu Zhufang, the deputy head of Jiading district, attended the book launch ceremony and urged the town to work harder to increase the influence of these chronicles to contribute to the town's further development.



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