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Nanxiang holds kayaking competition

( ) 2016-07-21

Nanxiang holds kayaking competition

A kayaking competition is held in Nanxiang town, Jiading district of Shanghai, attracting numerous enthusiasts and local residents. [Photo/]

A kayaking competition was held in Nanxiang town, Jiading district of Shanghai on July 16, with participation of numerous kayaking enthusiasts and local residents.

Wonderful performances were staged at the competition, including kayaking techniques as well as water Yoga shows, truly a visual treat that enabled the residents to understand the sport better.

The kayak race, comprising separate 500-meter events for both men and women, was a great opportunity for people to communicate and have fun.

The inauguration ceremony for a kayaking club was launched on the same day, providing the residents of Nanxiang with a new place to enjoy the charm and challenge of sports.

The kayaking club is now open to the public and lots of interesting competitions and activities are on the way, according to the organizers of the event.



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