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Jiading gets Taiwan-featured commercial complex


Jiading gets Taiwan-featured commercial complex

Taipei Town, a Taiwan-featured commercial complex, opens in Jiading district of Shanghai, on July 30. [Photo/]

A Taiwan-featured commercial complex, dubbed Taipei Town, opened in the Jiading district of Shanghai on July 30.

Located near Baiyin Road and Yumin Road, Taipei Town was established by the Poly Real Estate Group Ltd. It has five floors above the ground and two below, which provide a combined area of 128,000 square meters.

The complex highlights Taiwan's culture, art, delicacies, entertainment and education. Its first and second floors sell Taiwan's creative cultural products and have areas for parent-child activities.

Jiading gets Taiwan-featured commercial complex

Traditional Taiwan performances are put on in Jiading district of Shanghai on July 30 in celebration of the opening of Taipei Town, a Taiwan-featured commercial complex. [Photo/]

The third floor, which houses the Taiwan Culture Exhibition Hall, is expected to become the major attraction of the whole complex. It showcases the arts and history of the island through various programs such as Taiwan's Time Machine, which introduces the area's rich history. This floor also boasts China's first 6D cinema, where audiences can sit on mobile seats and experience a film from the character's point of view.

The fourth floor is for Taiwan's delicacies and the fifth floor houses a karaoke bar and gym.

To celebrate its opening, various Taiwan's traditional performances such as Electric-Techno Neon Gods, a combination of traditional Taiwan folk dance and modern pop music, were staged at the complex.

A series of Taiwan-themed exhibitions were also held, enabling people to gain a better understanding of Taiwan's culture and traditions.



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