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Anting building three cultural landmarks

( ) 2016-12-15

The town of Anting, located in Shanghai's Jiading district, is in the process of creating three new and exciting cultural projects: the Anting Culture Expo Museum, the Fangtai branch of Anting Cultural and Sports Center, and the Dalai Ancient Clock Museum. These projects are expected to meet local residents' cultural demands by enriching their educational and recreational opportunities.

Anting Culture Expo Museum

An artist's impression of Anting Culture Expo Museum in Shanghai's Jiading district. [Photo/]

The Anting Culture Expo Museum, located near Gushu Park, covers a total floor area of 6,000 square meters. It has been designed as a non-profit museum with the purpose of displaying local intangible cultural heritage objects, such as bamboo carvings. The space will also focus on organizing lectures, training programs, and exchange activities. It is hoped that these community activities will help spread knowledge about local culture. The museum will be co-run by the Anting government and Shanghai Zhuyun Art Museum.



Shanghai Auto Expo Park

Completed in March 2006 and open to the public free of charge, the Shanghai Auto Expo Park sprawls across an area of 76.67 hectares.