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Jiading photography association hosts exhibition

( ) 2017-02-16

Jiading photography association hosts exhibition

An exhibition to display the prize winning works of members of Juyuan Photography Association takes place in Jiading district of Shanghai on Feb 10. [Photo/]

Juyuan Photography Association in Shanghai's Jiading district organized an exhibition to display 70 prizewinners from the past two years on Feb 10.

The exhibition covers a vast range of styles and subject matters including portraits, birds, fish, flowers, and architecture. The exhibition will run until Feb 20.

The Juyuan Photography Association was established in 2004 by eight retirees who are passionate about photography. The group of eight  expected to capture beauty around them through the lenses of their cameras.

Jiading photography association hosts exhibition

Photos on display at an exhibition by Juyuan Photography Association in Jiading district of Shanghai. It will run from Feb 10 to 20. [Photo/]

With the help of Juyuan Culture and Sports Service Center, the association has furthered its development and now has a total of 56 members.

To help the members improve their photography skills and knowledge of the art form, the association often hosts activities such as exhibitions, competitions, and lectures.

The association has seen a great deal of success already with its members having won prizes in a number of district-level, city-level, and national photography competitions.

Address: 1st Floor, Juyuan New Area Cultural Center

                 No. 1255, Qipan Road, Juyuan New Area, Jiading district, Shanghai



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