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Jiading 'country park' set for Sept opening

( ) 2017-03-01

A new country park, located in the northwest of Jiading district, Shanghai, will open to the public in September, according to local media reports on Feb 24.

Jiading 'country park' set for Sept opening

A landscape path with red maples on both sides at the North Jiading Country Park, which is slated to open to the public in September 2017. [Photo/]

The park, named North Jiading Country Park, covers an area of 14 square kilometers and the construction is being carried out over two stages. The first section, which covers an area of 7.39 square kilometers, will soon open to the general public.

The park has been designed with a natural rural landscape in mind and long winding paths will stretch 6,300 meters alongside vineyards, kiwi orchards, a 90 mu (60 hectares) bamboo forest, and a 65 mu flower field. There are also 17 carefully designed bridges that visitors will be able to cross. Many of the paths are flanked by red maples and cedars and one of the highlights of the park is an 800 meter corridor that is expected to be a unique Shanghai attraction.

There are also specially designed sections of the new country park including a bird area, a children focused recreation area, a relaxation haven, an entertainment area, and a space to promote ecological protection. Visitors will be able to enjoy water sports and trips to nearby historical sites such as ancient villages and temples.

Jiading 'country park' set for Sept opening

An artist's view of a wisteria corridor at the North Jiading Country Park, which is slated to open to the public in September. [Photo/]

The new park is the first of seven new country parks planned by the Shanghai Municipal Government. The project aims to protect Shanghai's ecological environment, give residents additional green spaces, and also promote the city's tourism industry.

The term 'country park' originated in the United Kingdom in the 1970s and was a means of offering ordinary people the chance to experience natural, rural landscapes drastically different from urban environments. With 70 percent of China's population forecasted to be living in cities by 2025, the need for expansive and immersive green spaces in China is more important than ever.



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