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Portuguese architect to build dynamic museum complex in Jiading

( ) 2017-03-10

Portuguese architect to build dynamic museum complex in Jiading

The architect's impression of the prospective museum complex, which is set to begin construction in the Jiading district of Shanghai later this year. [Photo/]

Shanghai's Jiading district unveiled the design plans for stunning museum complex in Shanghai, on March 8.

The complex, designed by Portuguese architects Alvaro Siza and Carlos Castanheira, will become an important cultural landscape. Using minimalist accents for which Siza is famed, the museum covers an overall area of about 67,000 square meters. Its construction is slated to start at the end of this year and finish by 2020.

The museum complex will be located opposite Han Tianheng Art Museum and Nanshuiguan Park, near the Jiading exit of Shanghai-Jiading Highway.

The design, combining traditional and modern elements, will consist of two museums and a communal public space. While one museum will exhibit traditional works of art by established collectors, both Chinese and foreign, the other museum will display more contemporary work.

The communal space will house cafes, teahouses, calligraphy training rooms, and other entertainment facilities to cater for a wide range of visitor's needs.

The museums will be divided into more than 30 exhibition halls with areas ranging from 500 square meters to 3,000 square meters.

Jiading has struck deals with 25 domestic and international private collectors who will display their collections in the complex. The collections cover traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, oil painting, and sculpture.

It is expected that the museum will become a major tourist destinations in the Yangtze River Delta area and will improve the district's regional image by facilitating the cultural interests of locals and visitors.

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