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Jiading announces rich spring arts program

( ) 2017-03-22

Jiading announces rich spring arts program

Officials from the Shanghai Poly Grand Theatre announce an upcoming schedule of art performances on March 16 at a news briefing. [Photo/]

Jiading's Poly Grand Theater has a rich program planned for the coming months with a total of 75 events spanning 11 countries and regions set to be staged.

The announcement was made at a news briefing given by the theatre on March 16 and the shows will cover a range of art forms including operas, stage dramas, dance performances, music concerts, and children's plays. The organizers hope the diversity of events can entice a broad audience.


An abundance of folk Chinese operas, including Peking opera, Shanghai-style opera, yueju opera, a type of Shanghai comic drama, xiju opera, and huangmei opera, will be staged at least once a month.


Jiading will stage a selection of famed English playwright William Shakespeare's plays (Chinese language versions). Shanghai Poly Theatre has already announced a performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream directed by Lin Zhaohua and starring Pan Binlong, a popular comic star.

Additionally, Tianjin People's Art Theatre will bring a classical drama Thunderstorm written by Cao Yu (1910-1996), one of China's best known dramatists.


Music fans have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of musical styles with the upcoming program including chamber music by Chamber Orchestra Kremlin, performances by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, and jazz from Arturo Sandoval a famed Cuban jazz trumpeter, pianist, and composer. The organizers have also set up monthly concerts that will include jazz sets, piano recitals, and other musical arrangements.

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