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Jiading meeting focuses on intangible cultural heritage inheritance

By ( ) 2017-04-07

Jiading meeting focuses on intangible cultural heritage inheritance

A symposium on Shanghai's intangible cultural heritage takes place in Nanxiang town, Jiading district of Shanghai on April 1. The meeting involved dozens of government leaders, experts, and inheritors. [Photo/]

Nanxiang town, located in the Jiading district of Shanghai, hosted a symposium celebrating Shanghai's intangible cultural heritage on April 1.

More than 20 government leaders and experts, and more than 10 intangible cultural heritage inheritors attended the meeting.

The program has been launched by Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Association and Nanxiang town. The meeting aims to increase the exposure of local intangible cultural heritage projects and generate social awareness of cultural heritage protection by organizing exhibitions and selecting heritage inheritors.

The attendees discussed topics related to inheritance, innovation, and the future development of intangible cultural heritage and how best to integrate it with modern life.

During the meeting, 10 intangible cultural heritage inheritors were recognized as winners of Nanxiang Top 10 Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritors. It was the first time this year such an event that aims to think about ways of introducing local cultural heritage to a wider audience has been held.

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