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Schedule of the 2017 Shanghai Auto Culture Festival (Part 2)

( ) 2017-04-12


Schedule of the 2017 Shanghai Auto Culture Festival (Part 2)

A Han costume show is staged during the 2017 Shanghai Auto Culture Festival, demonstrating the charm of traditional Chinese culture. [Photo/]

"Four New Economy" Investment Attractions

Entrepreneurs from automobile and health industries were invited to visit Anting during the F1 Chinese Grand Prix. It is hoped that the invitations will promote Anting's entrepreneurship and innovation, improve its investment environment, bring in more "Four New Economy" (new technology, new business pattern, new mode, and new industry) projects, and advance the development of local auto and health industries.

Date: April 7-9

Venue: Anting town

"Technology Innovation, Industry Gathering" Investment Attraction

A series of investment attraction activities were launched, including signing ceremonies for new projects, an award ceremony for outstanding companies, and exchanges between companies. The moves help promote Jiading's development planning, encourage innovation, and lure talents, innovative projects and capital to Jiading. The moves also serve Jiading's goal of becoming a core area of Shanghai's international scientific and technological innovation center construction.

Date: April 9

Venue: Jiading Industrial Zone, Shanghai International Circuit

2017 Anting Auto Culture Industry Development Forum

Leaders from government, industry associations, auto companies, auto events, and media will attend the 2017 Anting Auto Culture Industry Development Forum on May 10. The attendees will brainstorm about ways that Anting could use its advantage as home to the International Automobile City to further develop its auto culture and industry. The forum intends to develop into a leading auto event in China.

Date: May 10

Venue: Shanghai International Circuit

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