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Ferrari sports car exhibition opens in Jiading

( ) 2017-05-19

Ferrari sports car exhibition opens in Jiading

Authorities announce the opening of a Ferrari sports car exhibition in Shanghai's Jiading district on May 12, which is to celebrate Ferrari's 70th anniversary. Exhibits include 14 classic sports cars in Ferrari's history. [Photo/]

A Ferrari sports car exhibition kicked off at Jiading district of Shanghai on May 12, in celebration of Ferrari's 70th anniversary. The exhibition will run until Aug 31.

A total of 14 of the company's most classic sports cars produced from 1950s to the present are being displayed, some of which are limited versions.

The exhibits include Ferrari 400I specially designed for the prince of Saudi Arabia, Dino series designed by Enzo Ferrari for his beloved son Dino, 195 Inter produced in 1950, Testarossa produced in 1984, and 599 GTO produced in 2010.

Ferrari sports car exhibition opens in Jiading

LaFerrari Aperta, Ferrari's latest sports car, is on display at a sports car exhibition held in Shanghai's Jiading district from May 12 to Aug 31, attracting a large number of visitors. [Photo/]

Most notably, LaFerrari Aperta, the company's latest sports car, is also on display, attracting a large number of visitors. This new car keeps the hybrid power system of former LaFerrari sports car, and its maximum power reaches 963 horsepower and highest speed exceeds 350 kilometers per hour. Its zero-to-100 km/h acceleration time is only 2.8 seconds.

A visitor named Xu Zihao said that he is excited to see so many top-rated sports cars at the same time.

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