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Jiading hosts city orienteering challenge

( ) 2017-05-25

Jiading hosts city orienteering challenge

The event is part of this year's Shanghai citizen sports meet, which wants to promote healthy and low-carbon lifestyles. Participants of the 2017 China Coordinate • Shanghai City Orienteering Challenge pose for a group photo in Jiading district on May 20. [Photo/]

More than 500 runners in 100 teams took part in the Jiading stop of the 2017 China Coordinate • Shanghai City Orienteering Challenge on May 20, local media reported.

The route set up for the contestants started from Huiyuan Square in the Jiading Industrial Zone and ended at the IMIX Park, a shopping mall in Jiading New City.

The control points along the route included Baidu's Shanghai branch, the China Stem Cell Group, Shanghai University National Science Park, Ziqi Donglai Sports Park, and Taipei Town, where participants were required to finish certain tasks. The participants, who work in groups of five, are only allowed to take the subway, buses or walk.

A team from Jiading said that they took part in last year's orienteering and the event gives them an opportunity to measure the district by foot and update their understanding of it.

Jiading is one of the five sub-venues for the orienteering challenge. The other four are Jing'an, Baoshan, Yangpu and Songjiang districts. The main venue is Shanghai Stadium.

A total of 37 routes were designed and nearly 300 control points were chosen for the events, which have attracted 20,000 participants over the five sub-venues.

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