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Jiading holds Culture and Nature Heritage Day

( ) 2017-06-16

Jiading holds Culture and Nature Heritage Day

The audience watch shows and make sure to take a photograph for the sake of memory. [Photo/]

Shanghai's Jiading district held a series of cultural events to mark its first Culture and Nature Heritage Day on June 10.

The activities were held at a main venue in Jiading's Culture Center as well as affiliated venues around Jiading industrial district and Nanxiang Town.

The Culture Center paid homage to the Qian Family, a famous clad which is proud to claim numerous famous historical figures within its lineage over a span of more than 3,000 years including Qian Xuesen, the Father of Chinese missiles, Qian Zhongshu, a famous writer and scholar, and Qian Yongjian, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Activities hosted at the affiliated venue at Jiading industrial district were divided into two parts: culture experience events and performance events. The culture experience events included painting masks, experiencing tea culture, and dressing up in traditional Han Chinese clothing.

Performance events included a solo guzheng recital, drumming and tea art performances, a selection of Wuxi opera, and special dances.

Nanxiang Town also held activities including DIY parents-child campaigns, making kites, painting porcelains, making papers with ancient method, and wood carving.

Shanghai Taoxi Intangible Cultural Heritage Spreading and Learning Center was established on June 10 to further the cultural legacy of the region.

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