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Jiading streamlines government approval procedures

( ) 2017-06-28

Residents in Shanghai's Jiading district are now able to deal with administrative approval procedures completely online, after the local government recently moved to streamline approval procedures for 54 kinds of projects.

Rather than wasting hours in line at local administration centers, residents can now fill in application forms and submit required documents through an online administrative affairs platform.

Officials will process the applications online and the approval certificates will be sent to applicants by express mail. The government will even pay the postage fee.

The simplified procedures have also helped reduce the time required to process applications and have increased the government's work efficiency. It used to take 20 days to apply for permission from the local water authority for a watercourse management project, but now the application can be completed within 15 days.

A resident surnamed Wu who is applying for approval for such a project said that the simplified approval procedures are really time-saving and he doesn't need to repeatedly go to the administrative service center any more.

Jiading streamlines government approval procedures

Residents in Shanghai's Jiading district no longer have to apply for administrative approval for projects in person, but can complete the entire process online. [Photo/]



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