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Jiading to hold Women's Volleyball Championship Challenge

( ) 2017-07-12

Jiading to hold Women's Volleyball Championship Challenge

Representatives pour champagne to celebrate the launch of the 2017 Mountest Women's Volleyball Championship Challenge, a new women's volleyball international match, during a press conference on July 5. [Photo/]

The 2017 Mountest Women's Volleyball Championship Challenge is set to take place in the Jiading district of Shanghai on Sept 27. The news was announced by the organizer of the event at a media briefing on July 5,

Jiangsu's provincial volleyball team and a team from Japan's Hisamitsu Pharmaceutical Co will compete in this brand new international volleyball match.

The Chinese team stands as the champion of the 2016-2017 Chinese Women's Volleyball League while the Japanese team won both the Asian Women's Club Volleyball Championship and the Japanese Women's Volleyball League.

The challenge aims to promote volleyball by bringing together elements of competition, fashion, and entertainment to foster an enthusiasm for the sport.

The challenge is sponsored by the Shanghai Nanxiang Zhidi Enterprise Investment Management Co, organized by the Shanghai Zhidi Sports Development Co, and guided by the Shanghai Sports Bureau and Volleyball Management Center of Jiangsu province.



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