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Culture and art festival opens in Jiading Industrial Zone

( ) 2017-07-14

Culture and art festival opens in Jiading Industrial Zone

A gala combining grassroots culture and fine art takes place in Shanghai's Jiading Industrial Zone on July 10, marking the opening of the zone's 6th Culture and Art Festival. [Photo/]

Jiading Industrial Zone's 6th Culture and Art Festival opened with a spectacular gala combining grassroots culture and fine art on July 10.

The event featured a variety of excellent performances, including folk dancing, singing, traditional instrument playing, and Shanghai-style monodramas. The performers were from local art troupes and professional art organizations.

During the gala, a new training base for performers of the traditional art form quyi, a local performance style that combines ballad singing, storytelling, comic dialogues and Chinese cross talk, was inaugurated.

The festival will include more than 20 activities, including competitions, exhibitions, and art performances, according to the organizers.

The event has been organized by Jiading Industrial Zone as part of its efforts to develop its cultural sector.

The zone's promotion of the arts has helped a great number of grassroots stars to break out in recent years.

A local art troupe won a Shanghai Excellent Art Troupe award in 2016, as has since created 30 art programs and performed over 50 times in the zone, reaching about 30,000 local residents.

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