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Jiading New City holds Chinese medicine-focused summit

( ) 2017-08-02

Jiading New City holds Chinese medicine-focused summit

The First Chinese Medicine Industry Summit opens in Jiading New City, Shanghai on July 31. [Photo/]

The First Chinese Medicine Industry Summit was held on July 31, at Jiading New City, an area dedicated to developing the health industry in Shanghai.

The summit was co-sponsored by the Jiading New City management committee, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, China Association of Chinese Medicine, and the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies.

Experts from various institutions including government, universities, and industry associations attended the event to discuss how to create the world's leading Chinese medicine service hub.

One highlight of the summit was an agreement signed to build a Chinese medicine industrial base in Jiading New City. The base will serve various Chinese medicine companies nearby and advance the formation and development of a Chinese medicine industry cluster in the area.

According to organizers of the event, the summit and the establishment of the base are expected to help Jiading New City integrate the development of the Chinese medicine industry with regional economic and social development.

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