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UK overseas Chinese visit Jiading

( ) 2017-09-21

UK overseas Chinese visit Jiading

A meeting attended by overseas Chinese from the UK as well as officials and company leaders in Jiading of Shanghai takes place in the district on Sept 19. [Photo/]

Shanghai's Jiading district played host to dozens of overseas Chinese on Sept 19, each of whom either study or work in Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

The overseas guests are members of Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Cambridge (CSSA-CAM), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting exchanges between Chinese and foreign students and scholars, and giving its members a platform to show their talent.

The guests hoped to gain a better understanding of Jiading's innovation and entrepreneurship environment thorugh the visit.

Zhou Wenjie, head of Jiading's organization department, welcomed the overseas students at a meeting and spoke to them about development in the district.

Zhou said that Jiading focuses on attracting top minds from all over the world, optimizing policies and services for talented personnel, and creating an inclusive and open innovation and entrepreneurship environment for talents.

During the meeting, Jiading also signed a cooperation deal with CSSA-CAM, and the Shanghai office of UK China Entrepreneur Association was inaugurated.

Six overseas students presented their innovative projects and gained opportunities to have face-to-face talks with leaders of Jiading industrial parks and related companies.

Additionally, the overseas guests toured Jiading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Building, Caizhi Jin'an Industrial park, and Juyuan Scientific Innovation Tower, to know the district's innovation and entrepreneurship development and services.

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