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Sino-Japanese art exhibition awakens reflection on life

( ) 2017-09-29

Sino-Japanese art exhibition awakens reflection on life

Visitors admire a sculpture by Wei Tianyu at the exhibition at Shanghai Wutong Art Museum in Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/]

Shanghai Wutong Art Museum has launched a new exhibition showcasing the work of two leading contemporary artists: Chinese mixed-media artist Wei Tianyu and Japanese painter Nagatani Mitsushiro.

The exhibition, titled Ji, opened at the gallery in Jiading district on Sept 16 and will run through Oct 5.

Though hailing from different countries and working with different media, the exhibition highlights how both artists use their works to express profound meditations on contemporary aesthetics and art.

Wei's installations, which often combine sculpture, painting and photography, seek to emphasize the common nature connecting humans and animals, his humans often resembling inanimate beings.

Nagatani's work is equally provocative, the artist often rubbing gravel onto his works to remove the glossy finish of the oil paintings. The coarse, scarlet texture this creates makes the works resemble a tissue of mottled scars.

When juxtaposed, the two artists' work often blends beautifully. Wei's sculptures Zhui, Xue Mai and Bian Yi complement Nagatani's Trace of Wrapping Iron series particularly well, as both present the separation of logic from experience and create an overwhelming visual impact for visitors.

Shanghai Wutong Art Museum is located at No. 258 Jinyuan 4th Road, Jiangqiao town, Jiading District, Shanghai.

Sino-Japanese art exhibition awakens reflection on life

Wei Tianyu's sculpture Xue Mai stands in front of a set of photographs at the exhibition. [Photo/]

Sino-Japanese art exhibition awakens reflection on life

Nagatani Mitsushiro's abstract painting Trace of Wrapping Iron. [Photo/]



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