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Nanxiang revives Han culture for Autumn Equinox

( ) 2017-09-30

Nanxiang revives Han culture for Autumn Equinox

Girls, dressed up like the Hans, make a salute in Han's style. [Photo/]

Nanxiang town in Shanghai's Jiading district hosted a series of activities designed to help local residents learn more about traditional Han culture on Sept 23.

Nearly 30 young workers took part in the event at the Shineland industrial park, which was held to coincide with the start of the Autumn Equinox, one of the 24 solar terms of China's lunar calendar.

Dressed in classic Han robes and with hair braided, the participants were taught the history of the Han people, China's majority ethnic group, through its 5,000 years of history, and how Han etiquette and culture had changed through the different imperial dynasties.

They also took part in several Han cultural performances, including playing the sekong drums, reading from the Chinese classics, as well as traditional Han dancing.

A traditional game called "erecting eggs" also made its comeback. It turned out that making painted eggs stand upright and keeping them balanced was quite a challenge for the players.

Many of the attendees thanked the organizers for allowing them to participate in this special experience. Song Xiaojing, a local worker, said she was excited to put on a Han costume for the first time in her life.



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