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Jiading promotes Confucian culture

( ) 2017-09-30

Jiading promotes Confucian culture

A memorial ceremony is held at the Confucius Temple in Jiading district, Shanghai on Sept 23 to mark the 2,568th birthday of Confucius. [Photo/]

A memorial ceremony for Confucius was held at the Confucius Temple in Jiading district, Shanghai, on Sept 23.

The event was designed to commemorate the 2,568th birthday of Confucius, the great ancient Chinese educator and philosopher, which falls on Sept 28.

Hundreds of people including descendants of the Great Sage and followers of Confucianism took part in the ceremony and paid tribute to Confucius.

The Confucius memorial ceremony originated in ancient times, when students would hold ceremonies to pay respect to their teachers. This kind of traditional ceremony has been held for over 2,000 years and has a part of Chinese culture.

The memorial ceremony has been held annually at the Jiading Confucius Temple for a decade and has grown in size and popularity. It has also become an integral part of the Shanghai Tourism Festival.

Through such events, Jiading authorities aims to inculcate Confucian values such as ren (benevolence) and li (observing social rites) in local residents, particularly in young people, and enhance the district's cultural influence.

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