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Juyuan holds cultural activities to benefit the locals

( ) 2017-10-13

An official WeChat account, called Juyuan Youxi has been gaining popularity among Juyuan residents. The reason for the popularity is the fact that the system helps the locals get easy access to various cultural activities.

A group of Ping-Pong fans, after checking the exact opening time from the account, gathered in a playroom to have a good time. One of them said she could spend an equally happy holiday in this center while saving the trouble of travelling outside and facing heavy traffic.

In another cultural class, a dozen of embroidery lovers were learning how to weave beautiful patterns under the guidance of a master. Ma Huiyi, director of the center, said such classes are useful in helping the young gain deeper understanding of Chinese traditional crafts such as Suzhou embroidery and Chinese knot.

There is also a community library called "Wojia Study" beside Jiatang Road, which houses a collection of over 5,000 books, including newspapers and magazines of over sixty kinds.

The organizers also arranged a display of family letters, creating vivid representations of the communication of the families in the past. All the visitors felt nostalgic while reading the letters and were deeply touched.

Moreover, a series of interesting activities are to be held this October, such as Russian comedy, puppet shows, release of new books, theater arts and music performances, story reading and lectures on intangible cultural heritage.

The center always attends to the needs of the locals, such as how to improve the form and content of the class. Currently, it has already attracted as many as 20,000 followers in the district.



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