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Jiading to host China Intelligent Vehicle Championship

( ) 2017-10-19

The 2017 China Intelligent Vehicle Championship is set to take place in Jiading district of Shanghai from Dec 11 to 13, authorities announced at a press conference on Oct 16.

Four categories of competitions focusing on intelligent driving assistance, fully-autonomous driving, information security, and offline tests will be set up to evaluate the functions of participating teams' technology and products.

The fully-autonomous driving competition includes an obstacle course and speed race. More than 60 vehicle teams from Guangzhou Automobile Group, Dongfeng Automobile Co, and others will compete in information identification, computer-assisted decision making, control and execution ability at the Shanghai International Circuit.

There are more than 30 different test scenarios for each vehicle to undergo during the competition. Newly-added test scenarios include wet roads, traffic jams, pedestrian disturbance, electromagnetic interference, bad weather, and others.

In the information security competition, the participating teams are required to use their own equipment to attack designated vehicles via a wireless network. No physical attack is allowed. The final score is calculated based on the time they spend and the effect of the attack.

During the offline test competition, the participants have to design an algorithm and software on site to identify the virtual scenes the organizing committee provides. The score will be given based on the recognition accuracy.

One highlight of the event is that the China autonomous driving holographic scene database will be used for the first time. The project of the database, also known as Kunlun Plan, started in June and is expected to accelerate R&D, testing and standard-making for internet-connected vehicles.

Currently, the database has incorporated nearly 4,000 traffic accident scenes, 1.5 million kilometers of roads and traffic, and over 100-hours of driving simulator test scenarios. Its test ability will be further examined during the championship.

Total bonuses of 1 million yuan ($152,000) will be given to the winners.

Rong Wenwei, chairman and general manager at the Shanghai International Automobile City Group, said that the enclosed test area of the national internet-connect vehicle (Shanghai) pilot demonstration zone, a venue of the championship, continues to improve its testing ability since opening last June.

The championship is aimed advancing the testing area and promotion of the internet-connected vehicle industry in Jiading.

Jiading to host China Intelligent Vehicle Championship

The 2017 China Intelligent Vehicle Championship is set to take place in Jiading district of Shanghai from Dec 11 to 13. [Photo/]



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