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Jiangqiao calls on citizens to keep fit

( ) 2017-11-23

Jiangqiao calls on citizens to keep fit

Officials announce the opening of a fitness carnival in Jiangqiao town, Jiading district, Shanghai, on Nov 16. [Photo/]

A fitness carnival took place at the north bank of Jiangqiao section of Wusong River in Jiading district of Shanghai on Nov 16.

A dance performance marked the opening of the carnival, which also put on a variety of sports activities including traditional martial arts, gateball, kite flying, bike stunts, roller skating, and tai chi.

The event is expected to encourage local citizens to participate in sports and show the venue's function as a hub for exercise and leisure.

A promotion film was broadcasted to present the old and new looks of the north bank.

The north bank of Wusong River stretches across three regions in Jiading – Jiangqiao town, Anting town and Zhenxin street. The Jiangqiao section has a shoreline of five kilometers, which used to be dirty and polluted since it gathered lots of unlicensed iron and steel plants, concrete mixing stations, and processing plants.

But now after two years of renovation it has been turned into a beautiful riverside ecological corridor constituting of a 3-meter-wide black bikeway, a 2-meter-wide red track for running, and a 1-meter-wide green path for walking or jogging.

Jiangqiao town, which aims to develop into a cultural and sports industrial cluster, has been working on a series of cultural and sports facilities including North Hongqiao Fashion Park, North Hongqiao Sports Center, North Hongqiao Cultural Creation Center, Art Exchange Center of Chinese National Academy of Painting, Shanghai-style Furniture Hall, and North Hongqiao International Martial Art Center.

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