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Anting to kick off 2017 "EVCARD" Football League

( ) 2017-11-30

Anting to kick off 2017

Officials from Shanghai International Automobile City in Anting town, Jiading district, Shanghai attend the opening ceremony of 2017 "EVCARD" Football League with the players. [Photo/]

The opening ceremony of 2017 "EVCARD" Football League was launched in the Shanghai International Automobile City located in Anting town, Jiading District, Shanghai, on Nov 9.

A series of to-be-held sports events including a ping pong invitational were also announced during the opening ceremony.

Many features of professional tournaments have been introduced to the events, such as a compilation of football games, top five goals, and tennis tables specially used at Olympic Games, said local authorities.

The bonus system emulates the system of professional sports events, setting up different tiers of rewards.

Meanwhile, all the violation fines collected during the events will be donated to "Automobile City-Growth" charity fund, making the events meaningful for both players and the society.

Anting to kick off 2017

The new trophy makes its appearance at the opening ceremony of 2017 "EVCARD" Football League. [Photo/]

The newly designed emblem and trophy for the events were also unveiled. Inspired from traffic lights, the emblem gives new meanings to the three colors, with red representing passionate residents, green representing advanced and environmental-friendly local car industry, and yellow representing the vigorous Automobile City, a symbol of the integration of people, automobile and the city.

The trophy for the football championship draws its idea from the camshaft, a key component of the car engine, meaning "source of power, with lots of vigor".

The automobile city, by hosting the spots events, aims to enhance its soft power and provide a platform for residents to show their sports talents and enrich their lives.



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