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Vanke's first international high school opens in Anting

( ) 2017-12-06

Anting Dare to Dream School, the first international high school established by China's top property developer Vanke, recently opened in Anting town, Jiading district, Shanghai, and will start enrolling students next year.

The school sticks to bilingual education, hoping to cultivate students with an international vision.

The school adopts an integrated international curriculum combining A-level, AP and IBDP to cater to students of different grades and interests. Standardized test training, character cultivation and innovative practice courses are also added to promote students' academic competitiveness, leadership and creativity.

"We hope to provide a customized curriculum that respects and encourages students' individuality." said Chen Min, executive principal of the school, who graduated from Fudan University with a master's degree in English language and literature, and has worked on international education for over a decade, and boasts rich experiences in international education and management.

Vanke started its education business in Shanghai 21 years ago, when it co-established a private nine-year experimental school with the High School Affiliated to Fudan University. So far it owns 13 schools in Shanghai under the brand of Dare to Dream, but none of which involve high school education.

The newly-established Anting School changed this, allowing its middle school students to be able to continue high school education at Vanke's schools, and also providing a choice for Jiading students who wish to enter an international high school upon finishing regular middle school.

The new school is a boarding school and targets students with or without a Shanghai hukou (household registration), as well as overseas students. It plans to enroll 96 students in 2018, including a class of 24 for prep high school, and three classes of 72 for the 10th grade. Online registrations are now open for students.



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