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Robot hosts Jiading entrepreneurship exhibition

( ) 2017-12-14

Robot hosts Jiading entrepreneurship exhibition

The robot "Fatty" interacts with its co-host through questions and answers. [Photo/]

The 2017 Exhibition on Achievements of Jiading in Building an Entrepreneurial District and the Forum of Entrepreneurs opened in Jiading district, Shanghai on Dec 6. A robot welcomed people to the event side-by-side with a human co-host.

The robot, named "Fatty", resembled a penguin. It was 1.2 meters tall and weighed 50 kilograms, and was able to interact with its human partner through questions and answers.

The robot was independently developed by Shanghai Daimao Technology three and a half years ago. A technician from the company said that Fatty was also good at singing and dancing, and was familiar with the whole set of Chinese, mathematics and English courses from kindergarten to elementary school. It was also able to provide weather and travel information, and play movies on order.

The expo displayed the abundant innovative achievements made by Jiading in recent years, such as a robot that replaces cleaners working high above the ground, a smart piano that even a person who knows nothing about music can play, a "magical" umbrella with a positioning function, and a healthcare device that automatically checks people's health conditions.

Wang Chang, general manager of ComNav Technology, and Kang Dazhi, member of the board of Realmax intelligent technology company, shared their startup stories in a face-to-face talk with the audience.

ComNav is a leading private enterprise in China featuring high precision positioning technologies. Its success was earned through many hardships: "An entrepreneur should be able to bear the loneliness and resist the temptation." These inspiring words from Wang resonated with many people present.

Six enterprises, including Shanghai STEP Electric Corporation, were granted the honorary title of entrepreneurship practice base for their long-time support of young entrepreneurs.

The Forum of Entrepreneurs was themed on "New Entrepreneurial Thinking in the Era of Multidimensional Economy". It is expected that Jiading will launch more than 100 similar activities in the next three years to build a platform for entrepreneurs to share their innovative ideas and experiences.

Robot hosts Jiading entrepreneurship exhibition

Six enterprises are granted the honorary title of entrepreneurship practice base. [Photo/]



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