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Overseas returning experts in auto industry gather in Anting

( ) 2017-12-18

Overseas returning experts in auto industry gather in Anting

The 5th China Auto Industry Overseas Returned Talent Meeting is held in Anting town, Jiading district of Shanghai. [Photo/]

More than 20 overseas returning experts recently attended the 5th China Auto Industry Overseas Returning Talent Meeting in Anting town, Jiading district of Shanghai.

The meeting, co-organized by China Automotive News, Tsinghua Automotive Strategy Research Institute, and China Auto Talents Society, was themed "New Reform, New Auto, New Ideas".

Ma Chunlei, Party secretary of Jiading, held in-depth talks with the experts from auto multinationals, Chinese auto giants, auto parts companies and universities.

During the meeting, Ma detailed Jiading's goal of developing the auto industry. He said that Jiading will insist on promoting the development of real economy, focus on high-end manufacturing and hi-tech industry, and make auto industry its pillar industry.

He also mentioned the goal of building a world-class auto industrial center, which is not just considered meaningful and valuable to Jiading, Shanghai, but also the entire country.

During the meeting, the China Auto Talents Society also released the Report on Development Environment for Overseas Returning Auto Elites Under Industrial Reform.

The report predicts that in the next three to five years, we will see an era of more and more overseas Chinese talents returning to start their businesses in China. Moreover, with China taking the lead in global auto industry, not only overseas Chinese but also foreigners may come and work in China.

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