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Huating to build a rural tourism complex

( ) 2018-01-16

Huating to build a rural tourism complex

Maoqiao Market, a rural tourism complex that is currently under construction in Maoqiao village, Huating town, Jiading district, Shanghai. [Photo/]

Huating town, Jiading district of Shanghai, has decided to develop its Maoqiao village into a rural tourism complex called Maoqiao Market, local media reported on Jan 11.

After being inspired by Maoqiao's beautiful rural landscape and various honorary titles including "National Agricultural Tourism Demonstration Zone", "2017 China Beautiful Village for Leisure", and "national 3A-rated scenic spot", they decided to build the complex.

The Maoqiao Market project featuring a healthy lifestyle, ecological environment, and local specialties will be carried out in three stages.

The first stage, which is currently under construction, will include five markets featuring local specialties, folk craft, culture, flower, and fruit, and three other supporting facilities. The total investment is predicted to exceed 100 million yuan ($15.4 million).

The specialties market will house 108 kinds of delicacies from all over the country.

The folk craft market will constitute of ten workshops featuring rice, flour, cooking oil, liquor, sauce, cloth, garlic, tofu, bean sprout, and fermented glutinous rice. The products are made using traditional tools and experience gained from being passed down from generations. The market will help display and preserve folk craft.

The cultural market will be based on the renovation of local cultural facilities such as a rural bookstore and a painting academy, showing visitors the characteristics of local culture.

The 10,000 square meter flower market will integrate flower plantation and sales, gardening skills training, and popularization of flower knowledge. It will also become an ideal photographic site in Maoqiao.

The fruit market, covering 300 mu (15 hectares), will use advantages from Jiading's largest fruit brand "Xiang Ba Lao" and develop into a multifunctional market incorporating fruit picking, farm for parent-child activities, a performance stage, a Xi opera museum, and a fruit-featured regimen.

The three supporting facilities include a homestay hotel, touring boats, and a local restaurant.

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