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Quyi performances draw high praise from audience in Jiading

( ) 2018-07-30

An art troupe from Anting town, Jiading district of Shanghai drew high praise from the audience for their recent fine quyi performances at the Jiading Cultural Center.

Quyi is a traditional Chinese art form covering a variety of categories such as ballad singing, storytelling, comic dialogue and Chinese crosstalk.

The group performed their original quyi programs, including one episode of the burlesque Apprentice San Mao, the Shanghai-dialect storytelling Nan Shi Qiao Ban (Solve Difficult Problems Skillfully), and the monodrama Kao Kao Nong (Give You a Test).

Additionally, the famous quyi artist Gong Bokang and comedians Xu Weizhong and Shen Shuanghua were also invited to perform for the audience.

Anting town is well-known for having a strong traditional culture with local characteristics, and quyi has been promoted and popularized in the town in recent years. It was awarded the title “Hometown of Quyi” in 2012, and “Shanghai Quyi Creation Base” in 2016. It was also named as the “Hometown of Shanghai Folk Culture and Art” for 2018-2020.

<EM>Quyi</EM> performances draw high praise from audience in Jiading

Two actors perform the burlesque Apprentice San Mao in Jiading district of Shanghai. [Photo/]

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