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Underground sewage treatment plant completed in Jiading

( ) 2018-09-03

An environmentally friendly underground sewage treatment plant recently finished its construction in Jiading's Nanxiang town, Shanghai, the first of its kind in the city.

With a combined floor area of 15,207.2 square meters, the construction is composed of two parts: a park at ground level covering an area of 8,185 sq m, and the underground sewage treatment plant.

Due to the design concept of being natural, ecological and safe, and giving consideration to the technical requirements of the sewage treatment plant, a great emphasis was laid on the beautification of the environment, with flowing water, bridges, trees and flowers in the park.

The buildings in the park are typical Chinese garden style featuring white walls and black roof-tiles, which are harmonious with the surrounding environment and the landscape.

Additionally, there is also a large artificial lake in the north of the park, a track around the lake, a football field and a children's amusement park in the north-west of the park.

Underground sewage treatment plant completed in Jiading

The newly constructed ground level park, which is a part of the first underground sewage treatment plant in Shanghai, has a beautiful night view. [Photo by Sun Jianhua/WeChat account: nanxiang2000]

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