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Slush China 2018 kicks off in Shanghai

( ) 2018-09-17

Slush China 2018 kicks off in Shanghai

Slush China 2018 is held from Sept 7 to 8 in Jiading's Anting town, Shanghai. [Photo/]

Slush, an international tech event that started in Finland in 2008, was held from Sept 7 to 8 in Jiading's Anting town, Shanghai.

The student-driven non-profit movement was originally set up to change attitudes towards entrepreneurship, and is now established as an in-depth cooperative platform focusing on product vitality and creativity.

Co-organized by Slush China and Tongji University, this year's two-day tech conference had the theme of "create the new acceptance," with the goal of promoting the intellectual and technological innovations of universities around the world to better contribute to the development of society.

"We live in a world that undergoes earth-shaking changes every day. Technologies are challenging our cognitions with unprecedented speed. Innovation not only means technological development. The speed at which technological innovation integrates with society has also become the core competitiveness of technology," said Wang Chen, chief executive officer of Slush China.

Slush China 2018 kicks off in Shanghai

The attendees of Slush China 2018 held from Sept 7-8 in Jiading's Anting Town, Shanghai. [Photo/]

The event attracted more than 10,000 attendees from around the world, including over 150 founders of well-known companies and investors, 1,000 startup companies, as well as 500 domestic and foreign media to share technology development trends and their own understanding of the fields of smart city, blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), and medtech through speeches and discussions.

The highlight of the event was the exhibitions of high-tech startups in the blockchain, IoT and medtech areas. More than 300 startups applied to participate, of which 80 were selected by veteran venture capitalists and industry experts.

Slush was initiated by Peter Vesterbacka, co-founder of Rovio Entertainment Ltd, creator of the mobile game Angry Birds. It entered China in 2015 with its debut event held in Beijing.

In 2016 and 2017, Slush China team brought this world-class event to Shanghai with an average of 5,000 attendees. According to Forbes magazine, Slush Shanghai has become the leading international startup and technology event in China.

Slush has now opened five branch offices in Helsinki, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai.



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