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Museum hides in Jiading's old factory

( ) 2018-11-01

Museum hides in Jiading's old factory

Old film projectors make up the majority of the exhibits in the museum. [Photo/]

A total of over 3,000 objects dating back to the 1920s and 30s from all over the world were displayed in an old factory in Jiading.

Xie Fuqin, collector of the old exhibits, used to work in the film and television industry and enjoyed collecting photographic equipment.

As Xie's collections kept growing, he transformed the old factory into a small museum where people could feel the beauty of these objects and share experience with like-minded friends.

Exhibits such as phonographs, sewing machines and radios were marked with signs giving their approximate dates of use. Many film projectors were on display, stirring up precious memories.

"I always watched films in schools when I was a child. Now every time I see these old film projectors, I feel like I was back in my childhood," said Yang Fan, a staff member of the museum.

In addition to their ornamental value, a lot of the collections still work well.

"It would be a shame if these were only exhibits that couldn't run, which persuaded me to do more research and repair them," added Yang Fan.



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