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Shanghai guidelines set to improve allocation of resources, land use

( ) 2018-11-21

To advance the high-quality development of industries in the city, the municipal government of Shanghai released two guidelines in mid-November to improve efficiency concerning allocation of resources and land use.

Chen Mingbo, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization, said that the three major areas of Lingang, Hongqiao and the World Expo 2010 venue will be the demonstration areas for comprehensive transformation. Each district in Shanghai should come up with a three-year plan to transform and upgrade low efficiency industrial parks.

Shanghai released a total of 101 industrial maps on Nov 7, covering 27 key industries. According to Chen, the focus on frontier technologies, such as information technology, civil aviation and biomedicine, will help Shanghai make the best use of resources and form an industrial cluster.

There were more than 2,600 industrial projects adjusted between 2016 and 2017 to make room for industrial restructuring. But to further facilitate the development of emerging industries, such adjustment should be carried on, Chen said.

When addressing the challenges that Shanghai faces, Xu Yisong, director of the Shanghai Planning and Land Resources Administration Bureau, said that the use of land should facilitate the development of the real economy, equally supporting privately-owned enterprises, multinational companies and State-owned enterprises.

Advanced manufacturing will be prioritized so that Shanghai's development spaces will match its role as an international cosmopolitan city, Xu said.

Meanwhile, production, life and environment should be well balanced in Shanghai. Urban functions should be perfected with public facilities all stored in place. There should be a number of high-standard living spaces in the city, added Xu.



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