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Schools bring Haipai culture into classrooms in Jiading

( ) 2018-12-21

Schools bring Haipai culture into classrooms in Jiading

Students in Jiading district, Shanghai try their hands at Chinese paintings under the instruction of an art master on Dec 17. [Photo/]

Two schools affiliated to Tongji University in Jiading district invited inheritors of intangible cultural heritages (ICH) to demonstrate Haipai, the avant-garde "East Meets West" Shanghainese culture to students on Dec 17.

Artists gave lectures and demonstrated handicrafts to the younger generation, showing the unique charm of Haipai culture through folk arts such as painting, paper-cutting, shadow play and calligraphy.

Some of the art masters were invited to be the first group of instructors during the event to provide long-term art lessons to students.

The primary and middle schools affiliated to Tongji University have been dedicated to spreading Haipai culture for a long time.

There are now in total 26 special cultural classrooms at the two schools. Decorated with traditional art elements including dough sculptures and Chinese paintings, these classrooms serve as platforms for students to learn about and exchanges ideas on Haipai culture.

The schools are also joining hands with the university, the district government and ICH inheritors to build a base with a focus on promoting the distinctive culture in Shanghai.

Wang Jianfang, principal of the primary school, said the building of the base is of great significance to arouse students’ interest in Chinese culture, to create a good cultural atmosphere on campus and to improve children's understanding of Haipai culture.

Schools bring Haipai culture into classrooms in Jiading

A girl shows off her artwork of dyeing during the event in Jiading district, Shanghai on Dec 17. [Photo/]

Schools bring Haipai culture into classrooms in Jiading

Two students in Jiading district, Shanghai make dough sculptures on Dec 17. [Photo/]



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