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Residents enjoy art of local community

( ) 2019-01-10

Jiading district introduced culture-themed streets recently as part of its aim to beautify local streets and alleys.

The walls on Liangshe Road were repainted and trees planted on both sides of the street, creating an art gallery aesthetic with 40 painting frames that will regularly showcase different artworks.

The first batch of 40 paintings have already been installed, including calligraphy works and ink and wash paintings.

Cao Xiaohua, a resident of Nanyuan No 8 Xincun, said he didn't know much about Chinese calligraphy and paintings, but now the whole street looks alive and more beautiful. It also prevents people from putting illegal advertisements on the walls.

"With the Chinese calligraphy and paintings on the walls, every time I pick up my child from school and walk past them, we stand in front of the art and I tell them the stories behind the art. It really helps to lift my mood," Cao said.

The artworks come from the district's Nanyuan Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Society and the street has become a platform for the district's calligraphy and painting enthusiasts.

One of the society's member said that previously they could only show their work to family and friends. Now, with this new platform to display their works, they have become more motivated to learn about the arts and create their own calligraphy and paintings to contribute to the community.

The exhibition has encouraged more locals to participate in the community's art projects. Many of the works are inspired by the locals' lives. No high costs are involved and maintenance is relatively easy for the community.

The culture-themed streets are meant to improve the neighborhood environment and raise residents' taste in art, enabling them to experience the district's culture and humanistic values, local officials said.

Another two culture-themed sections on Yangchuan Road, between Yecheng Road and Fuhai Road, and Fuhai Road and Yumin Road, will open to the public soon.



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