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High-tech enterprises soaring in Jiading

( ) 2019-03-05

The number of high-tech enterprises in Jiading district reached 1,005 by 2018, making it the second district in Shanghai after Pudong with more than 1,000.

The Science and Technology Committee of Jiading District released statistics for 2018 illustrating the district's achievements. There were 207 enterprises from the district identified as "Shanghai little technology giants (cultivation) enterprises" of which 21 were newly identified in 2018. One hundred and forty-nine middle and small-sized enterprises were authorized to set up capital projects on technology innovation. The district helped 1,000 enterprises develop high technologies; 438 of them were recommended to apply to be high-tech enterprises and 92 percent were then approved.

To boost the development of high-tech enterprises, the district undertook more major national science and technology projects. It also strengthened cooperation with universities and colleges able to provide experimental platforms for enterprises at lower prices and thus help them cut research and development costs.

In addition, the district will also distribute subsidies to encourage enterprises to invest more deeply in research and development. The first of them, as much as 100,000 yuan ($14,915), will be distributed this June. It has also released preferential policies in terms of house purchases and rentals for talented individuals. The top talents could receive 800 to 1,200 yuan each month as a rent subsidy.



Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.