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5G technology promotes smart manufacturing in Shanghai

( ) 2019-03-14

The application of 5G technology in the field of industrial manufacturing has yielded the first intelligent aircraft factory in Shanghai under the joint efforts of Commercial Aircraft Corp of China (COMAC) and China Unicom, a major telecom operator.

The factory will explore the integration of 5G technology and the manufacturing process of civil aircrafts for fewer errors and high assembly efficiency, aiming to realize the digital transformation of traditional methods of manufacturing.

Relying on a strong supporting capacity of a 5G network with high internet speeds, lower latency and wide connections, the factory will have the capability to utilize, collect and share data for the purpose of making smart decisions through the entire supply chain including in areas such as design, production and sales.

"We have applied 5G technology in real industrial scenarios such as remote equipment inspection and maintenance through 5G and AR, making intelligent manufacturing a reality," said a technician of the project.

By the end of May 2019, Shanghai is expected to set up thousands of 5G base stations, taking the national lead in 5G network deployment, which will lay a solid foundation for the commercial use of 5G throughout the city.

The extensive application of 5G technology in industry sectors such as finance, transportation and medical care will, in turn, facilitate the digital and smart transformation of Shanghai.



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