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Jiading to set up China first 5G intelligent logistics park

( ) 2019-03-25

Jiading to set up China first 5G intelligent logistics park

JD's inspection robot "Wali" is exhibited at the 2018 World IoT Expo. Wali can carry detection and communication equipment while inspecting warehouses. [Photo by Xiao Da/]

JD Logistics, a leading Chinese logistics company, will settle its first 5G intelligent logistics demonstration park in Shanghai's Jiading district, which will be put into operation this year.

The first of its kind in China, the park's intelligent management systems for personnel and cars had already utilized. Officials from JD Logistics explained that based on a 5G network communication system, the park could provide more intelligent and efficient logistics services by capitalizing on the latest technologies and products such as artificial intelligence, automatic drives and robots.

The advanced technologies changed the park's working process completely. The 5G location technology calculates the routes for the cars entering the park and finds the primary parking space for them. The face recognition technology is used to set employee permissions for entering the park, warehouses and other areas. There are also UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), driverless cars and civil air defense systems to conduct real time monitoring.

The 5G technology also plays an active role in digital warehouses where it can automatically identify the sizes of goods and then match the most suitable vehicles for them. The AR (Augmented Reality) glasses help the operators identify the goods and provide visible instructions. The packages can be completely supervised so that merchants and clients can check their tracks at any time.

JD Logistics plans to cooperate with the major 5G operators in China to employ the technologies in more scenarios to achieve communication between employees, equipment and data in the whole logistics process and connect parks, warehouses, stations, cars and terminal equipment together, generally setting up a standard for the application of 5G technologies in the logistics field.



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