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New projects to boost Jiading science and technology industries

( ) 2019-04-01

Jiading Industrial Zone held a signing ceremony on March 27 to welcome six new projects to the zone, the first step in setting up the Shanghai Lingxin Integrated Circuit and IoT Industrial Park.

The new projects focus on smart supply chains, IoT (internet of things), semiconductor assembly and testing, anesthesiology, 3D-printing and integrated circuits.

The smart supply chain project was funded by Shanghai Silk Group Brand Development Co Ltd, which was founded in 2002 and created the female fashion brand “LILY”. The company has more than 800 stores in 270 cities around China and approximately 70 in foreign countries, including Russia and Thailand. The project was designed to speed up the circulation of goods so as to improve its operation efficiency and better satisfy customers. The output value of the project is expected to reach 300 million yuan ($44.67 million) in three years.

Nanjing Zhongguxin Information Technology Co Ltd has been dedicated to developing the IoT industry for years and processes a number of core technologies. Its new IoT project would promote the development and research of IoT products and solutions.

Shanghai Minjie Semiconductor Technology Co Ltd, a provider of automatic equipment for semiconductor assembly and testing, will set up a research center in Jiading Industrial Zone. The first phase of the project will cost 30 million yuan. It is expected to achieve an output value of 500 million yuan within three years of completion.

Sucheng Anesthetist Group, based in Shanghai, will invest in a smart medical project focusing on clinical anesthesia, pain treatment, and anesthesia treatment.

Shanghai Nafu Communication Equipment and Technology Co Ltd mainly engages in the development, production and sale of communication equipment and systems. It will set up a research center and production base in the industrial zone to develop 3D printing technology and equipment.

A test platform for information systems and chip design and development will be set up by the Laboratory of Micro Devices to provide testing, training and consultancy services for clients engaging in integrated circuits.



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