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Jiading strives to become future world center of the automobile industry

( ) 2019-05-05

Jiading strives to become future world center of the automobile industry

Jiading hosts Shanghai Auto Culture Festival every year. [Photo/]

People can enjoy auto culture at the annual Shanghai Auto Culture Festival, Shanghai Auto Museum and Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. The entire industry chain covering the links of research and development, design, high-end manufacture, financial trade, exhibition, and culture and sports, is well-established in Jiading.

Jiading is determined to be a world-class center for the automobile industry and has already started to develop new-energy vehicles, cars featuring intelligent networks and car sharing to follow the new science and technology trends that are reshaping the automobile industry.

"The district is a pioneer in so many fields in terms of the automobile industry," said Lu. The district has China's first new-energy vehicle big data center, the first international demonstration area for electric vehicles, and the first closed test area for vehicles using intelligent internet. It also created the business model of time-sharing rental charge, took part in the formulation of standards for the 5G Automotive Association, and set up the Shanghai Application and Innovation Alliance of Fuel Cell Cars.

Jiading is a leader in developing hydrogen vehicles by speeding up the construction of hydrogen refueling stations and promoting the application of hydrogen technology for buses, commuter cars and logistics vehicles.

Lu also analyzed the opportunities that Jiading could make good use of to develop the automobile industry. Technological change and industrial reorganization occurring around the world are bringing the automobile industry even closer to the communications, transportation and security industries. The country has also released more favorable policies, such as lifting the restrictions on the share proportion of joint ventures. The integration of the Yangtze River Delta has equally brought about more opportunities and facilitated the foundation of the Yangtze River Delta Auto Innovation Alliance.

By making use of these opportunities, the district will further improve its core competitiveness, especially in carrying out institutional innovation, so as to become a leader of the global automobile industry.

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