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Top patriotic education bases in Jiading

( ) 2019-05-16

A total of 23 educational bases in Jiading, including six at the municipal-level, have become main fronts for spreading the spirit of patriotism. The bases play an important role in enriching citizens' cultural life and promoting youth patriotism education.

The six municipal-level patriotic education bases are as follow:

Top patriotic education bases in Jiading

Jiading Museum [Photo/]

Jiading Museum

Jiading Museum is a landmark integrating antique collection, protection, research, exhibition and education. Founded in 1959, it was relocated to Jiading Confucius Temple in 1961. The new museum was open to the public in 2013.

Now, Jiading Museum refers to a complex, consisting of the new museum, Jiading Confucius Temple, Jiading Bamboo Carving Museum and Fahua Pagoda. Exhibitions about Jiading's history and collection of cultural relics are staged in the new museum, showcasing the long history and profound culture of Jiading from multiple dimensions.


New site of Jiading Museum: No 215 Bole Road, Jiading district

Jiading Confucius Temple: No 183 Nandajie Street, Jiading district

Jiading Bamboo Carving Museum: No 321 Nandajie Street, Jiading district

Fahua Pagoda: No 379 Nandajie Street, Jiading district

Jiading Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs

Established in 1959 and relocated in 1993, the Jiading Cemetery of Revolutionary Martyrs covers 35,300 square meters. A total of 741 martyrs who devoted their lives to the country's revolution are commemorated. It consists of a graveyard, a historical document museum and an education base of incorruptibility. It was named a Shanghai patriotism education base in 2012.

The permanent publicity and education projects include education activities themed on incorruptibility, tours based on stories, books and exhibitions memorializing revolutionary martyrs. The cemetery adheres to patriotism education as the core and actively creates an atmosphere of cherishing and publicizing heroic martyrs.

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Jiading Fahua Pagoda

The Fahua Pagoda, 40.8 meters tall, is a square, brick-wood structure with seven stories, accessible by ladders.