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Top patriotic education bases in Jiading

( ) 2019-05-16

Shanghai Liuhe River Campsite

Established in May 1987, Shanghai Liuhe River Campsite is a national natural school recognized by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and is the first field experience education base for students in Shanghai. It was named Shanghai patriotism education base in 2012.

The Liuhe river campsite cooperates with related departments to build up various featured bases, including a youth legal education base, a youth civil defense education base and a youth Red Cross education training base, enriching the activities in the site.

Shanghai Auto Museum

With a gross floor area of 28,000 square meters and an exhibition area of approximately 10,000 square meters, Shanghai Auto Museum is the first specialist museum of its kind in China. It is a key cultural project in Shanghai and provides a place for fans to visit and communicate and gives the young opportunities to learn about science and automobile technology.

Currently the sections of history, collection and exploration are open to the public. The museum boasts a collection of nearly 100 classic antique cars, including luxury cars, sports coupes, classic mini cars and review cars, representing over 20 brands from Europe, America and Asia and spanning 100 years of automobile history.

Han Tianheng Art Museum

Reconstructed on the former site of Jiafeng Feilian Textile Factory in 2011, Han Tianheng Art Museum covers 14,000 square meters. It features the dual function of museum and gallery as it has several separate areas for distinct purposes such as a regular exhibition hall, a temporary exhibition hall, a multi-functional conference hall and an art teaching & research base. The museum integrates art exhibitions, art salons and academic seminars to promote and enhance services to meet the public's growing cultural needs.

Waigang Guerrilla Memorial Hall

Built in July 2008, Waigang Guerrilla Memorial Hall is located at Yangdian village, Waigang town, the birthplace of Waigang guerrillas. It was named a Shanghai patriotism education base in 2015. The memorial hall consisted of a main building and a former residence of Lyu Bingkui, the founder of the Waigang guerrillas. It covers more than 4,700 square meters. Renovated in August 2016, it consists of five sections now: the ceremony square, the guerrilla memorial hall, the Baicao garden, Lyu Bingkui's former residence and the road of guerrillas, vividly showing the glorious deeds of the Waigang guerrillas who actively resisted the Japanese.

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