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Jiading welcomes new IoT company

( ) 2019-05-27

Jiading welcomes new IoT company

Jiading Industrial Zone recently welcoms newcomer mCube's Chinese headquarters to help develop new solutions for its global customer base. [Photo/]

Jiading Industrial Zone recently welcomed newcomer mCube's Chinese headquarters to help develop new solutions for its global customer base.

mCube makes the smallest and lowest power MEMS motion sensors in the world, with over 500 million sensor units delivered globally to date.

Covering an area of 2,214 square meters, the annual output value of the company is expected to reach 400 million yuan ($58 million).

Jiading welcomes new IoT company

Shen Huadi (right), deputy head of Jiading, attends the opening ceremony. [Photo/]

Jiading district's development strategy for science, education and talented personnel depends on scientific and technological progress and innovation. Jiading is a center of development for the internet of things and provides a rich ecosystem for mCube.

"It's exciting to see mCube's footprint extend across the globe – this new center in Shanghai enables collaboration and stimulates creativity critical to achieving a truly global reach," said Ben Lee, CEO of mCube.

In addition to serving as the company's Chinese headquarters, the center will provide infrastructure for product development, supply chain management, sales and technical support. "Cross-functional creative collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners will result in more relevant and effective solutions that maximize value by differentiating mCube in the marketplace."

Xsens, subsidiary of mCube in Holland, also built its Shanghai branch in Jiading to support its development in Asia. With Xsens sensor fusion solutions, mCube is able to create a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world through industrial control and stabilization, health, sports and 3D character animation.



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